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We’ve Got A New Tagline

By Marcie Barnes


More good news coming soon. But for now, may I introduce:spherre...unlock your network

We're going to be focusing more on creating meaningful connections between humans, and of course, making the world a better place.

Stay tuned!

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We Have a New Look!

By Marcie Barnes

Big thanks to the fine folks at This is Beautiful for creating our new logo! We are excited to move forward with a more polished and futuristic look that represents all of the connections we possess with each other and our planet. Since the spherre will also be connecting people together, we think it's pretty cool.

Why the change? I created the original logo myself when I was first mapping out the concept and wanted something more sophisticated and "web 3.0". In addition, this gives us a solid, unique look that will also be the foundation for the iconography and general look and feel of the site as we develop it. Plus, I figured it would be best to get this out of the way before launch :-).

Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments and let us know what you think.


Our First Crowdfunding Project (Ya There Will Be More)

By Marcie Barnes

We've started a project at the most awesome www.crowdrise.com - where people can post projects or events to benefit charity. And they have a really important tagline: "if you don't give back no one will like you".

Since Spherre, Inc. is technically a for-profit company, you can't give money directly to us, but that's fine because we've designated one of our most favorite charities, Panzou Project, to get the funds. And we're OK with that, since the fantastic ex-gang members at Panzou make us beautiful t-shirts. And if I may, the beautiful Founder of Panzou, Laura, could really use the work for her team. This is a charity that should never, ever, go down in flames.

The crowdfunding page is here: http://www.crowdrise.com/spherre. Please consider skipping a latte, a new pair of shoes, or the new Mercedes in order to help us help Panzou who helps us in return. A win-win all around.

For more information about spherre, you might want to check out www.facebook.com/spherre or www.twitter.com/spherre - or we're happy to have you contact us directly at info (at) spherre dot com.

The Panzou Project website is at www.panzouproject.org and they are also on those oh-so-popular sites: www.facebook.com/PanZOuProject and twitter.com/panzouproject

Thanks for your consideration in making the world a better place!

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