We’re Going to Be Part of the Crowdbackers Launch!

By Marcie Barnes

We are pleased to announce that on February 8, 2012 Spherre will be one of the pilot startups raising funds on a new crowdsourcing platform called www.crowdbackers.com. The mission of crowdbackers is “to build a community that inspires, creates and funds the best new technology and entrepreneurial ideas” – and we are very excited to be part of their launch.

Much like www.kickstarter.com we will be offering incentives at each donation level, so depending on how much you decide to pledge (and once we reach our fundraising goal), you’ll get cool stuff that in all cases have a retail value equal to or greater than your donation (with the exception of autographed books, it’s a little hard to place a proper value on those).

Everyone who donates will be invited to the private beta of Spherre when it is ready, and other cool things like organic Spherre t-shirts and tote bags will be on the list. In addition, we’ll be offering some other cool eco-friendly products such as:

Also, some of the exciting incentives we’ve got lined up so far for the upper-level donations include:

Please do check out our fundraiser on February 8. Mark your calendars, and of course, we’ll be reminding you, too.

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