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What the Heck is Spherre?

By Marcie Barnes

Welcome to news.spherre.com where we'll be posting about, you know, what we're up to. So, I thought I'd start off with a little introduction/background about myself and how Spherre was born.

My name is Marcie Barnes, and I am the Founder of Spherre, Inc. When I was taking grad classes at UNC-Chapel Hill's Journalism School I came up with a new architecture for a social network - with the goal of connecting people in the dictionary sense of the word networking (meeting new people) - and also for a purpose. I then was accepted into a program called Launching the Venture at  UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. There, I started to build a team, a validated idea, and a clear vision what I wanted to do with this new architecture I had conceived.

Fast forward to today. The team has evolved a bit but I still have great people in place to include my COO & CFO, Ron Rackowski and a fantastic group of advisors that have helped guide me on this road to where we are today. Big thanks to Jake Finklestein and Tim Ferriss for their inspiration and guidance along the way, as well as the "junior advisors" from Kenan-Flagler who've helped tremendously (and continue to help) with business planning.

More news is in the pipeline but for now I hear you asking:

What the heck is Spherre, and why should I care?

So the (super top secret) architecture I designed could be used for practically anything - but we're planning to do something big, green, and global. In a nutshell:

  • It will be a place where you will be able to spend time networking (in the traditional sense of the word, outside of your friends/family/coworkers) and we'll send money to your favorite charity  just because you spend time there.
  • It will be free to use.
  • Your experience, including your privacy settings will be highly customizable.
  • You'll be able to create your own Spherres according to demographic information in order to find and chat with like-minded people.
  • You'll be able to expand your presence on the spherre in order to market yourself, your business, or your charity - which is, in essence, an entirely new  online advertising infrastructure that places emphasis on relevance.

Our goal is to change the economy of how global charities are funded online as well as how people, businesses, and charities interact with each other - for the purpose of making this world a better place.

We're working on putting this new architecture together, and we plan to start rolling out a beta site in the near future. If you would like to to be notified when this happens and/or help with beta testing, simply send an email to: join (at) spherre dot com or fill out the simple form at http://spherre.com.

For even more information about spherre, you might want to check out (and like) www.facebook.com/spherre or www.twitter.com/spherre - or we're happy to have you contact us directly at: info (at) spherre dot com.

Thanks & let us know what you think!

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  1. I love the idea. For those of us that are very dedicated to our businesses and even more dedicated to our charities know how important this project can/should be…now hurry up and get me on the beta list. :)

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